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*If your school has fewer than 500 athletes, please contact us for pricing

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Volume pricing covers your entire
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Volume pricing covers your entire
athletic department

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*Co-ed sports are priced per team. For example,
a boys and girls team are each considered 2 single teams

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Learn about Attendance Tracking

Keep Mobile Attendance Records

With athleticloud, you can quickly mark athletes "Present," "Late" or "Absent" on your mobile device.

One coach can take attendance for an entire team, or multiple staff members can split them into smaller groups, taking attendance simultaneously. Automatically organize and merge attendance information to provide reports by , athlete, location, or date range.

More Parents, Coaches, and Athletes

Coaches have immediate mobile access to medical and emergency information for athletes with one-touch texting and calling to reach emergency contacts quickly.
athleticloud works on all your devices, keeping you connected wherever you go! Desktop, Tablet, Mobile - iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Blackberry.
Share a simple, centralized calendar of events for a single group, a team, or an entire sports program.

A Win for Coaches, Athletes and Parents

athleticloud improves the athletic experience for everyone. It gives coaches more time, high schools more resources, athletes more information, and parents more assurance.

Available on Desktop, Tablet, Mobile


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